Current Issue: King Arthur Legendarium (Summer 2023)


Return to the Timeless Legend
Annie Nardone, Issue Editor, on Revisiting Chivalry and Adventure

The Myth of Arthur
G.K. Chesterton poetic honoring of King Arthur

Medieval Virtue: Arthur and Sir Gawain, Women and Men
Seth Myers on Classical and Arthurian Virtue

True History of the Holy Grail
Donald T. Williams, Issue Editor, on Galahad, Sola Gratia, and the Graal

“To Help the Wrong’d”
Camilo Peralta on Sanctuary in Idylls of the King

 Take Up the Tale
Malcolm Guite on His Poetic Retelling of the Arthurian Epic

The Coming of Galahad
Malcolm Guite Ballad of Galahad’s Childhood

The Virtuous Arthur
Josh Herring on Resolving a Tension Between C.S. Lewis and Spenser

Death and the Knight
Roger Maxson on the True Knight and Victory over Death

Arthur and Abbey
Elizabeth Martin on Edwin Austin Abbey’s Galahad Mural Cycle

Justin Wiggins on The Sacred Isle of Avalon

Malory’s Apocalyptic Vision
Joshua Fullman on Malory’s Le Morte D’arthur.

 Galahad and the End of the Quest
Junius Johnson on An Imagined Tale of Galahad

The Sword in the Stone – A Triolet
Karise Gililland pens a Medieval Poem

Arthur & Regeneration in T.S. Eliot’s Wasteland
Seth Myers on The Search for Regeneration

Enid and Gerein
John P. Tuttle on A Romance in Arthur’s Kingdom

Always Once and Future
Donald W. Catchings, Jr. on Arthur as Archetype

C.S. Lewis, Merlin, and Messy Apologetics
Stephan Bedard on C.S. Lewis and Pragmatic Christian Apologetics

Faerie Queen and the Holy Knight Red Crosse
Seth Myers on Red Crosse’s Symbolic Virtue of Holiness