My grandparents’ house: a gift from above.
The warmth within thawed my chilly childhood,
Transferring my frost into joy and love,
and formed the heart of all in me that’s good.

Built by my grandfather’s strong hands and grit,
this engine of warmth was his work of art.
In true testament to his craftsmanship:
It breathed over 60 years peace and charm.

Soon the house will come down, so I’ll make known:
The love inside mirrored God’s love for man.
For my grandparents had, as cornerstone,
pure hearts of which they were custodian.

Though warmth will no more fill the rooms inside,
upon my heart’s foundation it’s inscribed.

Note from author: My grandparents’ house on Carnot Street paralleled that of a Carnot heat engine. The engine, using a Carnot cycle first developed by Nicolas Carnot in 1824, transfers energy from a cool area to a warmer one. Though living in tropical weather, I was cold and isolated when not inside my grandparents’ warm, loving home.