Cover illustration by Virginia De La Lastra

Current Issue: Joy (Fall 2022)

Joy and the Mind of the Reader
Annie Crawford on Why We Should Read

Worth Reading Megan Joy Rials and Jasmin Biggs Each Share a Recommendation

Joy as Life’s Fuel
Seth Myers the Pursuit of Joy

Home at Last / Song of Songs
Ann K. Gauger on Longing and Love

Joy – Brief
Sojourna Howfree on Joy Through Pain

Gratitude and the Happiness Machine
Zak Schmoll on the Root of Joy

The Crown Because of the Cross
Megan Joy Rials on Suffering and Joy

Joy in the Mystery
Annie Nardone on Joy and Donegality

Joy (And Truth and Love)
Donald Williams on a Johannine Look at Joy

Again I Say
Donald Catchings a Post-Apocalyptic Dystopia

Joy, Happiness, and Scientific Utopia
Jason Monroe on a Truly Good Life

Broken Blessings / Jubilee
Joshua Fullman on God’s Gifts

Joy: A Photo Essay
Tommy Darin Liskey and Joy Incarnate

The Shoes
Kim Jacobson on Finding Spiritual Joy

Meticulous Mycologist
Carrie Eben on Joy in Beatrix Potter

Joy’s Arrival / Hidden in the Boughs
Sarah Waters on Coming Together

Review: Mere Evangelism
Josiah Peterson on a New Work on Lewis

‘Father Stu’: A Story of Faith and Flaws, of Dreams and Determination
John Tuttle on an Authentic Biopic