“A Sonnet to Music: The Language of the Soul” is a Petrarchan Sonnet that highlights the personal and transcendent nature of music. This sonnet is meant to lead the reader to recognize that music speaks to and from their soul: it draws them to reveal their darkest secrets, share their most precious memories, and find healing and connection in a communion of linguistic sentiment. Also, it is my hope that this sonnet will remind us all that music is the language, not just of the soul of men, but of the universe too.

A Sonnet to Music: The Language of the Soul

With each note plucked and thumped there seems to come

  A pull at my hand that will draw a snap;

  A jolt at my foot that will force a tap;

A tug at my soul that begs me to hum.

Reverberate! Echo! I hear a drum.

  No wait! That is my heart I hear—rat-tat.

  Earth and Heaven are moving with their rap.

Their song calls me, I must, so I do come.

     The music of the Psalms that brings me tears.

        They praise, they cry the words I know are pure.

                My Psalm, you are my friend, my soul, my priest.

      The music of the Spheres, beyond my ears,

         I say Your praise is pure; Your work is true.

                I come, I must confess my heart through thee.