Our Story

What began as a Facebook post on November 1, 2017 wishing for an outlet for imaginative apologetics quickly organized by the end of the year into An Unexpected Journal. We published our first issue – on C.S. Lewis’s The Abolition of Man – in early 2018.

Since then, we’ve continued to publish on cultural apologetics.

Founded by a group of Houston Christian University alumni and students, HCU alumni continue to play key roles in leading AUJ.

Our Mission

An Unexpected Journal seeks to demonstrate the truth of Christianity through both reason and the imagination to engage the culture from a Christian worldview.

Our Process

After an author submits his or her work, it is reviewed by three different people prior to publication. Two Content Editors provide feedback regarding structure, argumentation, and theme while one Copy Editor keeps an eye out for grammar, usage, and mechanics. This structure and emphasis on process allows us to provide high-quality content.

We’ve been using reason and imagination to advance and defend the Christian worldview since 2018.

And you can help us spread that message.