Our Story

An Unexpected Journal is the endeavor of a merry band of Houston Baptist University Master of Arts in Apologetics students and alumni. What began as simply a Facebook post on November 1, 2017 wishing that there was an outlet for imaginative apologetics quickly organized by the end of the year into a very real and very exciting quarterly publication.

Over the next approximately three months, we began to create. Of course, we had to produce our content, but a very important part of our publication is our own collaborative peer review process.

Our Process

There are a variety of ways that individuals contribute to our project. After an author submits his or her work, it is reviewed by three different people prior to publication. Two Content Editors provide feedback regarding structure, argumentation, and theme while one Copy Editor keeps an eye out for grammar, usage, and mechanics. This structure and emphasis on process allows us to provide high-quality content.

Our Mission

An Unexpected Journal seeks to demonstrate the truth of Christianity through both reason and the imagination to engage the culture from a Christian worldview.


Carla Alvarez
Elizabeth Connor
Annie Crawford
John Creech
Virginia De La Lastra
Alison DeLong
Karise Gililland
Ryan Grube
Jamie Hay
Sandra Hicks
Lucas W. Holt
Nicole Howe
Korine Martinez
Erica McMillan
Jason Monroe
Seth Myers
Annie Nardone
Josiah Peterson
Daniel Ray
Zak Schmoll
Daniel Semelsberger
Jason Smith
Edward Stengel
Charlotte Thomason
Rebekah Valerius
Hannah Zarr