Summer 2018 - The Power of Story

Cover designed by Virginia De La Lastra

Issue Two: The Power of Story (Summer 2018)

Literary Apologetics: A Spell for the Refreshment of Spirit
Annie Crawford on Why Stories Matter

Hume in Elfland
Rebekah Valerius on an Imagined Meeting between Hume and Chesterton

For What Purpose
Charlotte Thomason on Why C.S. Lewis Wrote about Narnia

Augustine’s The Confessions: The Power of Spiritual Autobiography
Nicole Howe on the Importance of First Person Testimonies

Dry Bones
Korine Martinez on Why We Must Never Lose Hope

Finding Faith in Fairy Tales: Answers for Modern Skeptics from C.S. Lewis’s The Silver Chair
Annie Crawford on Why Faith Is a Reasonable Answer to Uncertainty

Devouring Reason – The Myth of Arachne Retold
Rebekah Valerius on the Desire for Meaning

God the Great Iconoclast: C.S. Lewis’s Personal Theodicy
Edward Stengel on Addressing the Problem of Pain

Lewis in La La Land
Seth Myers on the Search for Significance

Sneaking Past Watchful Dragons: Imaginative Apologetics and the Games We Play
Karise Gililland on How Games are a Delayed Apologetic