Fall 2018 - Courage, Strength, and Hope

Cover designed by Virginia De La Lastra

Current Issue (Fall 2018)

A Reason for Our Hope: The Role of Fairy Stories in Christian Apologetics
Nicole Howe on Why Fairy Stories Matter

The Adventures of Asher Svenson: Story One: The Secret Wood
Lucas W. Holt on the Mystery of the Forest

Tales of Courage and Hope: Black Panther in Middle Earth and Narnia
Seth Myers on the Connections from Oxford to Hollywood

Hope, Life, and the Fountain of Trevi
Carla Alvarez on the Power of Water

The Lord of the Rings and Consolation Concerning Death
Jason Monroe on the Central Theme of J. R. R. Tolkien’s Masterpiece

The Heroism of the Ordinary in The Lord of the Rings
Zak Schmoll on the character of Samwise Gamgee

Lava: A Story of Love and Hope
Carla Alvarez on the Deeper Themes within the Pixar Short

The Power in Pain
Annie Nardone on the First-Hand Experience of Pain

Courage in the Cosmos
Daniel Ray on the Boldness of Our Story

The Homeric Versus the Christian Ideal of Man
Josiah Peterson on Contrasting the Nature of Humanity

Karise Gililland on the Transition from Bewildered Suffering to Active Hope

The Making of a Hero
Carla Alvarez on the Changing Modern Perspective of Heroism

Tales of Courage and Hope: Hamilton in Middle Earth and Narnia: Part One & Part Two
Seth Myers on the Connections from Oxford to Broadway


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