Seven Questions: AUJ with Michael Ward
An Interview

For Your Contemplation: What You’ll See When You Read This Issue
An Introduction by Ryan Grube

Where Paradoxes Play: Michael Ward on Christian Orthodoxy
An Essay by Jahdiel Perez

Why We Love to Visit Narnia
An Essay by Louis Markos

An Unexpected Journey: Imaginative Apologetics and the Ward Moment – A Personal Reflection
An Essay by John Mark Reynolds

A Seven-Days’ Journey through the Heavens
A Poem by Holly Ordway

Planet Narnia as Creative Inspiration
An Essay by Malcolm Guite

The Daily Planet
A Poem by Malcolm Guite

The Circle Dance
A Poem by Malcolm Guite

C. S. Lewis: A Life
A Poem by Donald T. Williams

(Re)Considering the Planet Narnia Thesis
An Essay by Brenton Dickieson

A Defense of Planet Narnia
An Essay by Josiah Peterson

Return to Planet Narnia
An Essay by Michael Ward

Table Narnia: Fugue to Evangelical Adventure
An Essay by Kyoko Yuasa

The Cure Has Begun
An Essay by Annie Crawford

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and the Rehabilitation of Practical Reason
An Essay by Jason Monroe

Gravitational Pull
A Reflection by Marshall Arthur Liszt

A Short Story by Adam Brackin