Bridging the Gap: an Introduction
Zak Schmoll on Connecting the Culture to the Gospel

Twenty Øne Piløts: In the Trenches
Annie Nardone on the Impact of Popular Music

In Page and Film: Visions of Virtue in Harry Potter
Roger Maxson on the Boy Who Lived

A Sonnet to Music: The Language of the Soul
Donald W. Catchings, Jr. on the Calling of Song

The Function of Absolute Music for Religious and Non-Religious Minds
Will Daniels on Absolute Music and Apologetics

Narnia Adapted to Film: The Triune Dance
Kyoko Yuasa on Narnian Intercessors

Who Authors the Authority? A Discussion of Watchmen and Rightful Rule
Jason Monroe on Understanding the Role of Authority

Comedy-Drama in Film: Caught Between Good Friday and Easter Sunday
Hannah Zarr on Dramedy, a Christian View of Reality

The Witch and the Horror of Eternal Consequences
Philip Tallon and Cameron McAllister on the Portrayal of Real Evil

Analyzing the Fact/Value Dichotomy in Ready Player One: The Movie
Charlotte Thomason on the Potential Consequences of Virtual Reality and Video Games

C.S. Lewis, Myth and Filmmaking
Timothy Nargi, Jr. on the Power of Indirect Communication

The Value of Smuggled Theology in Music
Sheila Krygsheld on Why What We Hear Matters

Seth Myers on C.S. Lewis and the Seasons

On Judging Movies
Daniel Asperheim on What Makes a Movie Good

Serenity and the Theodicy of Joss Whedon
Carla Alvarez on Film and the Free Will Defense

Where Are All the Great Christian Films?
Joseph Holmes on What Christian Movies Can Be

A Series of Unfortunate Events and the Persistence of Hope
Zak Schmoll on Why We Refuse to Despair


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