the worlds of tolkien

Cover illustration by Virginia De La Lastra

Supernatural Words
Josiah Peterson

Courage at the Crossroads
Annie Crawford

One Theme to Rule Them All: A Collection of Catholic Elements in Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings
Karise Gililland

The Hero from Bagshot Ros
Donald W. Catchings, Jr.

The Beauty of a Growing Friendship
Zak Schmoll

Melchizedek, Bombadil, and the Numinous in The Lord of the Rings
C.M. Alvarez

Tom Bombadil: The Value of an Enigma
Clark Weidner

Finishing Well
Annie Nardone

Awakening Joy
Korine Martinez

The Common Good in Tolkien’s Rural Communities
S. Dorman

Loth Lorien
Donald T. Williams

Tolkien and Miyazaki: Princess Monoko and The Lord of the Rings in Conversation
Seth Myers

Melkor and Illuvatar
George Scondras

Book Review: An Encouraging Thought
Zak Schmoll

A Passage to Something Better
Annie Nardone

To J.R.R. Tolkien
Donald T. Williams


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