Cover illustration by Virginia De La Lastra

Medieval Minds (Fall 2020)

Annie Crawford on Holy Wonder

Memento Mori: A Reflection on “The Ruin”
Holly Ordway on the Question of Progress

Dante for Moderns
Seth Myers on Serving Our Fellow Man

A Call to Lament: An Apologetic Study of the Anglo-Saxon Elegies
Alison DeLong on Comprehending Struggle and Responding to It

Chronological Snobbery: In Reply to Contemporary Petrarchs
Donald Catchings on Valuing the Past

The Gravity of Sin: Truth in the Grotesque in Dante’s Inferno
Cherish Nelson on the Depths of Evil

The Quest of the Golden Queen
Karise Gililland on the Lady and the Dragon

Christ, Our Hero at Calvary: Meaning and Metaphor in Beowulf and “The Dream of the Rood”
Alex Markos on Understanding the Resurrection

Death and Redemption for the Modern Heart: What We Can Learn from the Anglo-Saxon Elegy
Sandra Hicks on Christ, the Warrior-King

Thomas Aquinas: Understanding Evil
Annie Nardone on Darkness and Life

Hogwarts in History: The Neo-Medieval Vision of Harry Potter
Annie Crawford on Our Love of the Medieval

The Book of Kells
Jacqueline Medcalf on Seeing a Wonder

An Unlikely Witness
Korine Martinez on the Perspective of the Cross

Wearing One’s Habits: Aristotle, Aquinas, and the Making of a Virtuous Man
Karise Gililland on Cultivating Goodness

The Dream of the Crown
Donald Catchings on Piercing His Brow

Hagia Sophia and the Evidential Power of Beauty: Divine Architecture as Apologetics
Ted Wright on Truth in Stone

Death, Grief, & Hope in Pearl
Carla Alvarez on Progressing through Grief

The Venerable Bede: Following the Medieval Christian Footpath
Annie Nardone on Preserving History

Francis of Assisi
Seth Myers on Medieval Relevance

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