Cover illustration by Virginia De La Lastra

George MacDonald (Advent 2020)

The Imagination: Its Function and its Culture
George MacDonald on the Foundational Role of Imagination in Thought with an Introduction by Annie Nardone

Romanticism, the Marble Lady, and Orders of Longing in Phantastes
Kelly Lehtonen on MacDonald’s Christian View of Human Nature

Phantastes: Enchanting Beauty and Sacrificial Love
Seth Myers on Joy, Hope, and Faith

The Richness of Plain Talk: Interview with David Jack on Translating the Beauty of George MacDonald
Annie Nardone on Language and Literature

Old MacDonald’s Dish: A Hearty Serving of George MacDonald’s Thoughts on the Imagination and its Relevance to Contemporary Apologetics
Daniel Ray on Why MacDonald Matters

Fight the Miserable Things: Reflections on Joy in At the Back of the North Wind
Jason Monroe on Regaining Joy with Imagination

A Heavenly Guide: Lewis’s ‘Teacher’ in The Great Divorce
Donald Catchings on the Wise Scotsman

Good Enough to Believe In: George MacDonald and Knowledge of the Ineffable
George Scondras a Justified Belief in God

Lilith and The Queen’s Gambit: Two Ingenue Who Learn Love Through Sacrifice
Seth Myers on Growing with Community

Aëranths, Angels, and Allegory
John Tuttle on Allegory in The Golden Key

MacDonald, George
Aaron Stephens on the Border of Fairyland

On George MacDonald
G. K. Chesterton on One of His Favorite Authors

The Lizard or the Stallion? George MacDonald on the Retroactivity of Heaven and Hell in The Great Divorce
Megan Joy Rials on Lewis’s Choice of Guide

From MacDonald to Magical Realism: Faith and Fantasy with the Romantics, Marquez, Murakami and Van Halen
Seth Myers on MacDonald’s Influence on Fantasy for Adults

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