Cover Illustration by Virginia De La Lastra

Image Bearers (Spring 2021)

Goodness, Truth and Beauty
Landon Loftin on Humanity 

Introducing Worth Reading
Jason Smith on a New Column Coming to AUJ

Matrix of Meaning: Five Theses on Christianity and Culture
Donald Williams on the Relationship between Human Nature and Creativity

Transhumanism and the Abolition of the Human Person
Julie Miller on Transhumanism’s Materialistic Shortcomings

Stained-glass Man
Donald Catchings on Man’s Own Image

My Favorite Things
Christy Luis on Coming Out of and into the Fire

Gender and the Imago Dei: Together We Reflect the Image of God
Annie Crawford on Marriage’s Divine Purpose

A Silent Genocide: Disability and the Ongoing Consequences of Social Darwinism
Zak Schmoll on the Tragedy of Eugenics

Do You Long for Having Your Heart Interlinked?: The Imago Dei and Our Need for Relationships in the Blade Runner Universe
Megan Joy Rials on Love, Authenticity, and Reality

Thorin and Bilbo: Image Bearers
John Weitzel on Heroism, the Old Testament, and God’s Will

Deepest Wonder, Remarkable Beauty: Sonnets in Praise of Life and the Imago Dei
Annie Nardone on the Miracle of Life