Superheroes (Summer 2021)

Superhero Movies are Worship, not Theme Parks
Joseph Holmes on the Attraction of Superhero Movies

Worth Reading: Superheroes
Jason Smith on Some Good Starting Points

Person or Persona: What’s Inside the Spider-Verse?
Cherish Nelson on Plantinga’s Conception of the Multiverse

Global Superheroes from the Disneyverse and Studio Ghibli
Seth Myers on Heroism Manifested around the World

Faith on Trial in Frank Miller’s Daredevil Comics
Clark Weidner on Questions of the Greater Good

Answering Joker’s Dark-Knight-Defying Anarchy
Jason Monroe on Competing Worldviews

He Will Rise
Donald Catchings on Nolan’s Salvific Themes

Ex-Cult Member Saved by Grace
Christy Luis on the Dangers Of False Heroes

Super-Women and the Price of Power
Annie Crawford on Gendered Superheroes

Diana Prince, Apologist?  Salvation and the Great Commission in Wonder Woman
Megan Rials on an Unlikely Apologist

Once a Prince or Princess: MacDonald’s Moral Superheroines and Heroes in the Princess Tales
Seth Myers on Ordinary Heroic Actions

Superheroes, Saviors, and C.S. Lewis
James M. Swayze on Epic, Myth, and Human Longings

The Power of Weakness
Jesse W. Baker on Questions of Violence

Humility Contra Pride as Represented in Thor
John Tuttle on the Superiority of Virtue

Just a Sidekick?
Annie Nardone on the Importance of Support

Planets, Poetry, and the Power of Myth in Halo and Destiny
Seth Myers on the Apologetic Power of Video Games