Cover illustration by Virginia De La Lastra


The Ancients (Fall 2021)

Listening to the Past
Jesse Baker on the Value of the Ancients

Worth Reading: The Ancients
Jason Smith on Where to Start

The Power of the Storyteller: Jesus and Aesop
Carla Alvarez on Tales That Changed the World

Ancients of Old
Iris Zamora on Those Who Paved the Way

In Defense of Hospitality and Storytelling
Louis Markos on the Rules of Xenia

Oh Brother, A Bluegrass Odyssey
Annie Nardone on Ancient Morality, Values, and Spirituality

The Return of the Kings: Comparing the Homecoming of Odysseus and the Two Comings of Christ
Alex Markos on the Tension between Love and Wrath

Sede Vacante
Karise Gililland on the Fall of Man

Vengeance is Mine, Saith Everyone
Douglas LeBlanc on Societal and Personal Judgment

The Chain-Breaker in Plato’s Allegory
Donald Catchings on Escaping the Cave

Wisdom Became Flesh and Dwelt Among Us: Pagan Dreams of the King of Kings
Annie Crawford on Christian Virtues and Philosopher-Kings

A Galatian Marriage / Nasoni
Joshua Fullman on Pagan Morals and Aesthetics

Drinking from the Well of the Past: A Reflection on the Role of History in Literature & Philosophy for the Modern World
Ted Wright on the Function of History

The Nicomachean Ethics and the Enemy Within
Cherish Nelson on Horror, Power, and Self-Control

Pius Samwise: Roman Heroism in The Lord of the Rings
Zak Schmoll on Virgil and Tolkien’s Chief Heroes

The Imaginative Strategy of Boethius
Riz Crescini on the Apologetic Power of the Imagination

Till They Have Faces: Lewis’s Psyche Meets the Modern Helen of Troy and Circe
Seth Myers on Different Perspectives on Ancient Stories

Alex Markos on a Christian Re-Imagination

Excerpt from Novelette – Strength in Weakness
Donald Catchings on a Retelling of Theseus

Review: After Humanity
Jason Smith on Michael Ward’s New Release