Cover illustration by Virginia De La Lastra

The Imaginative Harvest of Holly Ordway (Advent 2021)

An Interview with Holly Ordway
On Tolkien’s Modern Reading and Cultural Apologetics

Review: Tolkien’s Modern Reading
Annie Crawford on a Challenge to Tolkien Scholarship

Peak Middle-earth: Why Mount Doom is not the Climax of The Lord of the Rings
Michael Ward on Tolkien’s Unobvious High Point

A Passage to Something Better
Annie Nardone on Tolkien’s Approach to Virtue

Gandalf: The Prophetic Mentor
Zak Schmoll on the Defeat of Sauron

Middle-earth and the Middle Ages
Joseph Pearce on the Influence of Beowulf

Contrary Winds: Tolkien’s Priority of Faith and Family as Presented in Tolkien’s Modern Reading
Donald Catchings on Tolkien’s Personal Values

Ordway’s Myth-Busting Research: Tolkien’s Modern Reading (A Review)
Ryan Grube on a Paradigm Shift

Unveiling Reality Through the Imagination
Jared Zimmerer on a Strategy to Fight Meaninglessness

“Maps,” My Map
Jesse Baker on the Importance of Poetry

Poetry as Prayer, Imagination the Spark to Worship and Service: Ordway’s Review of Gerard Manley Hopkins in Word on Fire’s Ignatian Collection
Seth Myers on Contemplation, Poetry, and Missionizing

Some Real Magic: Taliessin Lectureth in the School of the Poets
Donald Williams on the Poetic Imagination

A Case of Mistaken Identity
Jason Smith on Our Great Misconception

The Challenge of “The Republic”
Donald Williams on What Ought to Be

Carry On
Donald Catchings on the Teacher’s Call

Learning Writing at Writespace
Jamie Portwood on the Importance of Community

Dr. Ordway’s Visual Guide to Paragraph Structure
Josiah Peterson on Creating Meaning

Lost and Found
Theresa Pihl on Changing Perspective

Echo and Narcissus – A Modern Reimagining
Clark Weidner on the Goodness of Reality

Drawing the Drawing Out of Me
Virginia de la Lastra on a Pleasant Surprise