Cover illustration by Virginia De La Lastra



Sharon Jones on a Moment of Brightness

Saints, Suffering, and Sanctuaries from Around the World: Japan, Korea, and China
Seth Myers on Christian Heroes in Asia

Cathedral Cosmos: A Glance Heavenward into the Medieval Model
Jason Monroe on Avoiding Chronological Snobbery

From Jokers to Fools: The Fire of Notre Dame as a Call to Holiness
Megan Joy Rials on Modernity, Architecture, and Hope

Mission San José y San Miguel de Aguayo
Donald Catchings on Experiencing Sanctuary

The Holy Dead: Saints as Sanctuaries
Joe Ricke on Physicality and Spirituality

Sestina for Miracle-Seekers
Mary Lou Cornish on Overcoming False Piety

Shelter in the Vine: An Unexpected Sanctuary
Charlotte Thomason on a Spiritual Haven

Sanctuaries for the Suffering: Trauma and Imagination in Apologetics
Jesse Childress on Psychological Elements That Influence Worldviews

Fire and Water:  Three Kwansabas in Memory of the Ugandan Martyrs, Charles Lwanga and Companions
Theresa Pihl on Memories of Ugandan Martyrs

Adventure & Faith: Lessons from the Life of St. Brendan the Navigator and Bilbo Baggins
Ted Wright on Voyages and Ventures

Rest and Reemergence: Rivendell As a Sanctuary
Zak Schmoll on Healing and Pressing on

Unforsaken: Fantasy, Providence, and the Silence of God
Clayton R. Conder on Finding Clarity through the Strange

Ode to Francis
John Tuttle on a Saint to Study

But It’s Not Fair
Annie Nardone on Lessons from Boethius

The Offering of St. Ignatius
Annie Crawford on Enduring Pain for God’s Glory

The Kingdom of Kings and Queens: A Parable
Jesse Baker on a Transformational Encounter

The Voyage of the Titan
Zak Schmoll on Wanting Something Better