Cover illustration by Virginia De La Lastra

Dragonish Thoughts in Our Hearts: Dragons as Mirrors of the Human

Junius Johnson on Our Internal Tension

Donald Catchings on Joining the Fight

Excerpt from The Chaos Spiral
Adam Brackin on Dragons in the Bible

Wangerin and Wyrm
Christine Norvell on a Great and Cosmic Evil

A Tale of Two Dragons: Reflections on Corruption, Conviction, Grace, and Sacrament
Melissa Cain Travis on a Restoration of Humanity

The Cardinal
Jacqueline Wilson on a Loss of Humanity

George Scondras on a Glory-Seeking Knight

St George’s Day
W.H.G. Kingston on the Heroic Knight

Lewis’s Dragons and Materialism: A Reflection on Eustace Scrubb and Other Dragons
Clark Weidner on the Need for Imagination

Hercules and the Hydra
Alex Markos on a Christian Retelling

Dragons, Snakes and Demons: A Medieval and Biblical Bestiary for Modern Minds
Ted Wright on Dragons of History

Job and His Dragon
Carla Alvarez on the Problem of Evil

The Forbidden Fountain
Azalea Dabill on a Dragon’s Poison

Nella Sua Voluntade
Elizabeth Martin on Challenging Dragonish Archetypes

Violence of Fire
Donald Catchings on a Coming Conflict

Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Buried Giant: The Dragon of False Memory
Tracey Leary on Reconciliation

An Excerpt from Dragonslayer: Beginnings
Carey Green on Courage

The Dragon’s Demise: Experiencing Apocalypse
Jesse W. Baker on the Relevance of Revelation