Shakespeare and Cultural Apologetics (Advent 2022)

Guest Editors: Joe Ricke and Sarah R. A. Waters

William Shakespeare • Sonnet 55

Joe Ricke • A Guide to Reading this Volume

Joe Ricke • Introduction

Gary L. Tandy • “O, I have ta’en too little care of this”

George MacDonald • On Shakespeare

William Shakespeare • Sonnet 116

Louis Markos • Letters From Shakespeare: Love

John Stanifer • Authorship: A Poetic Meditation

William Shakespeare • On Mercy and Prejudice

John D. Cox • Paradoxia Shakespeareana

G. K. Chesterton • On Macbeth

G. Connor Salter • Adaptation and Cultural Apologetics

Jennifer Woodruff Tait • Scripture

Grace Tiffany • “Who is’t can read a woman?”

Crystal Hurd • Ophelia

Jem Bloomfield • Disclosures of Form

Erasmus • On Fools

Louis Markos • Letters From Shakespeare: Fools

William Shakespeare • Bottom’s Dream + Biblical Source

Jack Heller • Dogberry’s Inscrutable Grace in Much Ado about Nothing

Jennifer Woodruff Tait • Jaques Tells His Story

Joe Ricke • Against Pessimism: As You Like It (or Not)

Tracy Manning and Editors • An Interview with Tracy Manning

William Shakespeare • Isabella’s Speech (On Mercy)

Tony Lawton and Editors • Shakespeare and Cultural Apologetics

D. S. Martin • A Poem Emerging From An Epigraph Concerning Hamlet’s Indirection

Corey Latta • Hamlet’s Father

Corey Latta • Othello

Laura Higgins • Shakespeare’s Hidden Ghosts

William Shakespeare • Cordelia To Lear

Sarah R. A. Waters • Lewis, Lear, and The Four Loves

John Milton • On Shakespeare

Selected Lyrics