Spring 2018 - The Abolition of Man

Cover designed by Virginia De La Lastra


Current Issue (Spring 2018)

Dear Reader
Zak Schmoll on the Purpose of This Project

Lewis Among the Ancients … and Moderns
Seth Myers on Lewis’ Trip through Literary History

The Abolition of Students
Rebekah Valerius on the Consequences of Naturalism on Campus

“Will These Hands Ne’er be Clean?”: C.S. Lewis and the Apologetic Response to the Themes of Macbeth
Edward Stengel on the Reality of Human Evil

Annie Nardone on the Majesty of the Cosmos

The Death of Freedom
Hannah Zarr on the Insufficiency of Nietzsche’s Innovation

Dragons in Our ‘Darkest Hours’: Slaying All Day the Lewis Way
Karise Gililland on Combating the Dragon of Sexual Exploitation

Searching the Stars
Annie Crawford on the Modern Difference between Quality and Quantity

The Separation of Narnia and Tao
Zak Schmoll on the Destruction of Objective Truth in The Last Battle

Abolition of Man as Sci-Fi: C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy
Seth Myers on the Integration of the Abolition of Man into Lewis’ Fiction

From The Green Book to The River: Lewis, Relativism, and Constructivism in Education
Carla Alvarez on the Shortcomings of Constructivism