Cover Illustration by Virginia De La Lastra

Mystery (Spring 2023)

The Gospel of Murder
Annie Nardone on Human Darkness

Serial, Healing and the Silence of God: The Hunger for Order and Truth in a Postmodern Mystery
Erica McMillan on Seeking Truth

Light for the Seekers
Sojourner Howfree on the Inquisitive Mind

An Elementary History of Deduction
Seth Myers on the History of the Genre

The Secret of Father Brown
G.K. Chesterton on Detective Methodology

The Inheritance of Hiram Percy Maxim
Brian Melton on Consequences

Rationalism, Meaning, & Love: Sherlock’s Ethos as a Key to Unlock All Mysteries
Jasmin Biggs on the Pursuit of Truth

What Mean These Stones? Archaeology, Poetry & Mystery
Ted Wright on Excavating Humanity

Gizem Dagl
Karise Gilliland on the Mountain of Mystery

Agatha Christie and Worshiping False Gods
Jacqueline Wilson on Self-Examination

God as Revealer of Mysteries and Fountain of Love
Jesse W. Baker on Divine Revelation

The Mystery of Our History: How Knowledge of the Church Fathers Can Strengthen the Church
Kimberly Hyland on the Importance of the Past

The Mystery of Love
Donald Catchings on Defining Love

Time Warping With God
Tim Mcguire on Dreaming

Mystery and Meaning in the Multiverse: Everything Everywhere All at Once
Seth Myers on Searching Through the Chaos

Book Review: The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency Series by Alexander McCall Smith
Rebekah Valerius on a Wise Lady Detective