Category: Leisure: Sports & Play as Spiritual Formation

Craft and Glory

In communal leisure activities such as sports and games, bringing God glory is fairly straightforward: love your enemies as yourself. The concept is simple, though challenging. But how do we honor God with our solitary hobbies, such as painting, baking, writing, sewing, or woodworking?

Forgiveness in the Foam: A Poem

The motivations behind this hobby vary wildly, from honing the precision of the crafting itself, to stage for dramatic performance, to wanting to be in someone else’s shoes for a while.

Obeying the Rules of the Game

Games require boundaries. I play a sport called power soccer. It is a four on four contest between power wheelchair users on a basketball court. We attach metal guards to the front of our chairs and strike oversized soccer balls at speeds up to thirty miles per hour.

The Curse of Gnosticism and the Cure of Play: Why Leisure is Essential for Spiritual Health

Many Christians raised in American evangelicalism struggle to practice leisure. Between the endless needs of a destitute world, our relative material wealth compared with the world’s poor, and an impoverished anthropology that says true Christians must perennially function beyond their human limitations in order to be radically committed to God, the practice of rest is rife with shame. Leisure is tantamount to backsliding.