Something pulled you, compelled you, made you pick this up instead of something else. You were driven to do it. You chose to do it. Or you didn’t choose and instead it chose you. We could quibble about the way to express this all day, but the fact remains: along this particular timeline, in this possible world, right this moment — you are reading a journal of imaginative apologetics, and not doing otherwise.

We all have a working knowledge of gravity by what it does. Physicists can express facts about gravity using various formulae, but even without such mathematical language we all live our lives in ways that conform to this very real, ubiquitous phenomenon.

Juxtapose those two thoughts for a moment: that life, when considered personally, is like a story, and that certain phenomena (like gravity) exert a pervasive, invisible influence on the way we live our lives.

… could it be that yours is a story where the subject is being pulled ever closer into orbit around something massively important? What could be so powerful — like gravity — that it would bend a person’s timeline so?

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Marshall Arthur Liszt. “Gravitational Pull.” An Unexpected Journal 1, no. 4. (Advent 2018): 153.

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