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Frances Chesterton and Christmas

Frances Chesterton, wife of famous British author and Christian apologist G.K. Chesterton, was obsessed by Christmas. Obsessed. Frances had a nativity set up in every room, each one unique in size, shape, and style. She collected miniature ornaments and kept them on display all year round. She wrote Christmas plays, spending months writing, planning, sewing […]

Chesterton at the Movies

“I have a story that will make you believe in God”[1] – Yann Martel, Life of Pi   “Comparative religion is very comparative indeed… it is only comparatively successful when it tries to compare. When we come to look at it closely we find we are really trying to compare things that are really quite […]

The Freedom of Boundaries

G.K. Chesterton cherished human freedom; however, he did not believe that freedom ought to be exercised to fulfill all human desires. Rather, a man should willingly submit to moral law, established by God for the benefit of humanity, as a way to experience the true freedom that God intended. A lover of paradox, it is […]

Escaping the Madhouse

A Chestertonian Allegory (Inspired by The Journey)[1]   I was panic-stricken upon the discovery that my upper body was constrained by a tight white jacket of sorts. The jacket was covered in buckles which made moving nearly impossible. All I could see around me was white and padded. The room was small; not much bigger […]

A Defence of Armchair Philosophy: G. K. Chesterton and the Pretensions of Scientism

One has to belong to the intelligentsia to believe things  like that: no ordinary man could be such a fool.[1] –George Orwell   Several years ago a group of leading naturalist philosophers and scientists convened a workshop titled “Moving Naturalism Forward.”[2] The participants included a number of heroes of the atheistic pantheon, such as Richard […]