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The Making of a Hero

Courage comes in many forms. There is the courage of the moment when an individual rises to a challenge. There is the courage that is found in a group, a banding together and facing the odds. However, there is another sort of courage that begins in defeated circumstances with a person whom one would never […]


A ‘relict’ is ‘a remnant of a formerly widespread species that persists in an isolated area.’ [1] This poem is dedicated to those who’ve watched someone they love disappear and fly away into a million pieces. Perhaps they were not the same because of illness of mind or body, spiritual wanderings, rebellion, death. Perhaps you […]

The Homeric Versus the Christian Ideal of Man

As Western culture becomes more and more post-Christian, it will unsurprisingly bear more and more resemblance to its pre-Christian roots. One of the dominant cultural forces shaping the classical Greek worldview was Homer’s epics poems. Homer envisions a cosmos conceived from chaos where order is an aberration rather than the norm.[1] Anthropomorphic and capricious Greek […]

Courage in the Cosmos

“When physicists work on a theory, they are not dealing directly with nature,” writes physicist Giovanni Vignale, “but with an abstract model which they have already decided which aspects of reality must be absolutely retained, and which ones can be dismissed. Often, in creating this model, they make bold and quite implausible assumptions, which can […]

The Power in Pain

I have been here before. This grief that crushes my soul like a black hole. I dream that I’m clawing at slippery, black walls as I slide farther down…to what? No bottom, because the grief is in layers, just like the layers of dark events of the past few months. Everything that has been impending […]