Volume 6, Issue 3: Leisure

“The Curse of Gnosticism and the Cure of Play: Why Leisure is Essential for Spiritual Health” by Jasmin Biggs

  • “Leisurely Rambles: Hiking & Birding as Sacred Play” by Annie Nardone  pdf
  • “Taylor Swift, T.S. Eliot, and C.S. Lewis: Eras for the Ages” by Seth Myers  pdf
  • “The Arrow That is Not Aimed: Flow in the Art of Archery and Writing” by Megan Joy Rials  pdf
  • “Leisure the Basis of Education: Applying the Sabbath Principle to the Classroom” by Alex Markos  pdf
  • “Fly Fishing and the Fall” by James M. Swayze  pdf
  • “Obeying the Rules of the Game” by Zak Schmoll  pdf
  • “In The Image of a Playful God: Flourishing Through Playfulness And Connection” by Anna Beresford  pdf
  • “Bones Will Sing: Dance in Spiritual Formation” by Rachel Bruce Johnson  pdf
  • “Craft and Glory” by Molly Hopkins  pdf
  • “Take Me Out To The Ballgame: How Baseball Can Restore Our Senses And Our Souls” by Sandra G. Hicks  pdf
  • “Kings Over Bishops: The Play of Chess in Late Medieval and Early Modern England as a Representation of the Relationship Between the Sacred and the Secular” by James L. Underwood  pdf
  • “Bombs, Board Games, and Bede the Venerable: But Mostly Chess” by Seth Myers  pdf

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