sublime cataract

Lewis Among the Ancients … and Moderns

C.S. Lewis’ essay The Abolition of Man, delivered as a set of lectures in 1943, was both timely for audience of the day, as well as timeless.  Subtitled Reflections on […]

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silent planet

Abolition of Man as Sci-Fi: C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy

All good sci-fi series have at their heart some unique observation about man and his place in the cosmos.  Whether it be the swashbuckling defense of humanity in Captain Kirk […]

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The Death of Freedom

“…God or Man, Soul or Mind, Freedom or Communism.” Mankind must choose between those irreconcilable opposites, as stated by Whitaker Chambers in his book Witness.[1] Chambers said that two faiths […]

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“Will These Hands Ne’er be Clean?”: C.S. Lewis and the Apologetic Response to the Themes of Macbeth

Before anyone can accept the idea of salvation through Christ, they must first realize that there is something that they need to be saved from. The emotion of disgust, especially […]

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The River

From The Green Book to The River: Lewis, Relativism, and Constructivism in Education

Looking for an endorsement, a publisher sent an elementary grammar textbook to C. S. Lewis for review. What he read within, based as it was on a relativistic worldview, so […]

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Knight and dragon

Dragons in Our ‘Darkest Hours’: Slaying All Day the Lewis Way

“It is the magician’s bargain: give up our soul, get power in return But once our souls have been given up We shall in fact be the slaves and puppets […]

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The Abolition of Students

The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding.[1]   Proverbs 4:7   One has only to look at recent student protests on college […]

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